"blac chyna" "blacchyna"

It is true.. blonde’s have more fun

"blacchyna" "blac chyna"

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  1. Jessica Chennel says:

    After watching u a couple times you look like a real cool chick not even bout you burnt pretty but you seem like a great BFF

  2. Jessica Chennel says:

    Oh and we have the same iPhone and your nails be hot don’t nobody do nails like that in lame ass Kalamazoo

  3. Shark Chyna says:

    Ur The most Beautiful Girl Ever And Ur Black Tops It off Even More & On Top Of All That Ur With One Of My Top 3 Rappers TYGAAAAAAA!!! Congratsz On Baby Tyg Cant W8 To See Him/Her

  4. Dalia says:

    Im sooo Happy That Your Having Tyga’s Baby Your Guys are soo Cute Together and the Baby Is gonna Be Gorgeous !

  5. chyna girl 1 says:

    hey chyna girl your pregnant by tyga omg go for it

  6. chyna girl 1 says:

    your baby is going too be so cute because your beautiful and tyga is handsome

  7. makina says:

    chyna ! love you girl your awsome !

  8. Funmi says:

    awwww cute! do u know u and Tyga r starting to look alike? #toocute!

  9. CCpurplekisses says:

    I want to know how long does your bellahair last & how many bundles do you use?

  10. Indyaah Lorelle says:

    Girl yu ballin’. At first I was like ‘damn! Who’s this Big Booty Hoe#?’ But yu’s ayte. Stay on ya grind && mek dem sweat boo xoxo

  11. ZAMA says:

    Hey girl, im an SA fan. I wanna tell you how beautiful you are can I please babysit King for ya. I desperately wanna get rid of this Xenophobic country with my half nigerian son (7). K even if you dont call know that I love you. 0027782276700 thats my mobile