Nov 26

Back To Black

"blacchyna" "blac chyna"

I change my hair like once a week :).. Back to black for a while.

"blacchyna" "blac chyna"

"blacchyna" "blac chyna"

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  1. Kamya Larae says:

    Lookin like a Bag of money .
    You better WERK bitch . I live for that hair .

  2. tee tee says:

    Fabuloussss!! Chy where you get ur wigs from ?

  3. nae says:

    I love ya hair is tht a sew-in? What kind of part is tht:)

  4. mz. jj says:

    *kisses* :)

  5. Helena says:

    Chyna you look amazing! Ur really fit after giving birth! :) xx

  6. Lexxi says:

    iloveee yu blac chyna 

  7. Jessica says:

    That black is fierce

  8. CHARLENE says:

    Nice Hair:)

  9. YarisShanchez says:

    I want to be just like you that is why i am glued to this website

    • Ms.Nesha J says:

      Wow out of all the comments that was made yours had to be negative. Sweetie you DONT have to hate on this women if anything get like her.Ask her for tips on how she got to where she’s at and how she got that amazing body.Honestly I can’t understand how u have the time to comment on every pic she post. DONT YOU HAVE A JOB OR SOMETHING ???

  10. riri says:

    i love yew blac chyna!!!!!!!!! (=

  11. kendria ray says:


  12. Locsnatwist says:

    Wow you look fabulous, baby barely 1 month old and you are back in your sexy clothes and exposing you tummy. How do you do it sweetie?

  13. Neshia says:

    looking good Chyna! Keep doing your thing! #teamchynadoll

  14. Raynelle says:

    Loving the new u.

  15. YarisShanchez says:

    I’m a bitch that needs some business because all i do is mind Chyna’s

  16. YarisShanchez says:


  17. YarisShanchez says:

    MY BAD @MR.NESHA!!!:)

  18. YarisShanchez says:

    I’m sitting in the house i grew up in on the computer arguing on chyna’s website. i’m such a busted ass bitch

  19. YarisShanchez says:

    imma stop being on your clit but i can’t help it

  20. T-Rawww says:

    I’m yaris and t-rawww posted under the same name because i’m a lame mudduck

  21. GabbyB says:

    LMAO I’m talking shit just like my wack ass friend Yaris on here

  22. kay lee hong says:

    Nice ;)

  23. Alissa says:

    I always wonder, why do wear wigs/weaves when your natural hair is so long and beautiful??

  24. awwwww. iLove it ChyChy! Muahhhh*

  25. Queen Parks says:

    well when you take this hair out send it to me plsssss

  26. Ordinary Girl says:

    Chy Please go to and see how someone gave them photoshop pictures of your assets. It’s so obvious. Why would they post that.

  27. Olieta says:

    omg love this look, perfect and those shoes. Love it :) <3

  28. Dale says:

    Badddd & ,Loving The Shoes !

  29. Smoochie'Dior says:

    girlie u is bad!!! love the swag and your shoes be killin the land!

  30. Fefe says:

    Hey chyna you look nice and I love your bdonna’s shoes you have on there dope.Oh and don’t pay any mind to stupid ass chicks they wanna be in your level there just mad anit nobody wife them yet.Because I know your living good and your money is long,be happy and enjoy life and fuck what everybody else is saying.If I were you I’d erase some of these comments but anyway your dope

  31. britbrat says:

    love your swagg you show positive ways for 305 plus you have the best part of life king and tyga. your young n beautiful keep up girly!