"blacchyna" "blac chyna"

Nails on Leannnnnnnnn lol

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  1. ChiGemini says:

    those are dope! is it no-chip/gel nail?

  2. LadyQ says:

    Lovin those nails so unique

  3. apple says:

    gotta love blac chyna, her nails are always on point i gotta give her props, as a female i love doin’ my nails too.

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  4. blue says:

    specialties. The pros have gentle tissue treatment, dry needling or acupuncture, power

  5. Brittane says:

    This is too Cute & Unique :)
    Love It !

  6. Crissy says:

    Very unique and Fab nail design.

  7. naenae says:

    get rid of that hair on your fingers!

  8. 6pointhustla says:

    Damn chyna u aint even gotta worry bout keepin a knife do u

  9. 6pointhustla says:

    But they goin ham though

  10. Princess Mocha says:

    Those are WICKED!!